High Rotation: Twenty One Pilots X MUTEMATH

Albums dropping out of the blue has become a bit of trend in the music industry. We’ve seen secret albums from Drake, Beyoncé, Skrillex, and even Mr. Akward himself Michael Cera. There’s a definite strategy in surprising fans and music critics alike with something new and unexpected. Artists get to create in their own time and bring their art to the world free of the pitfalls that come with prolonged periods of anticipation. This week, we got a Christmas gift that’s truly something different.

On Monday night, Twenty One Pilots released an EP titled TOPxMM “The MUTEMATH Sessions”.  The EP features of 5 of Twenty One Pilots hits reimagined with their tour mates MUTEMATH. (MUTEMATH is amazing live, more on that later) When their tour concluded each member of MUTEMATH shared letters with Twenty One Pilots about their tour, the memories and their thankfulness for being included. Neither band wanted the experience to end. Read the open letter from MUTEMATH frontman Paul Meany here.

Back in August,  MUTEMATH’s Paul Meany had posted his remix of Twenty One Pilots “Stressed Out” on the band’s official YouTube channel.



This gave them the idea to enter the studio together and reimagine some more tracks. The result is a sonic odyssey featuring everything from upright bass and screaming guitars, to synthesizers and even dueling drummers. It’s distantly different, yet somehow incredibly familiar and seamlessly blends the signature sounds of both bands. It’s not often that you see a mashup of this level and you can tell this project was born out of mutual respect and passion. You can check out the 25 minute in studio performance in below.



The best part? This collaborative EP is being offered as a free download on Twenty One Pilots website until January 18th, 2017. So jump over and snag your copy now.


MUTEMATH the band few know, but everyone should

I’ve been a fan of MUTEMATH for a very long time and I feel like they are extremely underrated as a band. They’ve never been a huge despite being included on many movie soundtracks including: Transformers,  Twilight, Need for Speed, Never Back Down and a handful of others.  Back in 2007 I had the pleasure of seeing them live with my brother ar the University of Alberta. They blew me away with the depth of music they were able to pull off live and it set an incredibly high bar for live performances. Here are a few of my favorite MUTEMATH tracks.



What bands do you think are underrated? What bands would you like to see collaborate? Let’s discuss.